Italian porn legend & beauty queen Luana Borgia (Miss Italia Winner 1988)

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The legendary woman from Italy, who would have touched the peak of the adult industry with her timeless beauty and passion.

I first recognize Luana in the movie Concetta Licata 3 (1997) AKA Concetta Licata la vengeance (French version, Colmax) produced by Mario Salieri Entertainment Group. Her voluptuous picture on the cover page was enough for me to watch the movie. She has appeared in three scenes of the movie.

Voluptuous figure that couldn’t go un-noticed

Concetta Licata Part – III

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Her beauty stunned me. That led me to hunt more of her. It was sad to know that she didn’t get the fame & glamour she deserved in her active years however she was active in the era of the porn revolution. As the records suggest, she was quite popular in Italy even though she didn’t win the title of Miss World in 1989.

Luana Borgia – From “Voglia di maschi caldi” (1994)

Luana Borgia, real name “Luana Perdron” born in the year Sep 1967. Luana was recognized in the modeling circles due to her feminine beauty. She claims that she won the Miss Italia contest in 1988, no wonder she won it. At the age of 21, she was recognized as a beauty pageant in Italy.

Luana is her real name, by baptism. She claims to be a very simple and shy girl (which she tries to fight in the scenes). When she is not working she goto the gym. She likes to do water skiing. She loves to watch TV, cares to sleep as much as possible; she believes that sleep is the best care for beauty.

Before getting into porn, she was a fashion model. Her unsatisfaction in modeling encouraged her to do striptease in nightclubs. Later she started appearing in live sex shows on stage. From where she got proposals to act in pornographic films. She says, “ She has always liked porn ever since she knew about it. Reading porn magazines, sex comics was her real passion.”

During her porn scenes, Luana says, “She likes to involve the viewers with a relationship of the scene as direct as possible. Sex in porn must show inner emotions, so they must be true as much as possible. e.g. the moment of orgasm. which should transcend true erotic charge.” I do believe that she has tried to be true as much as she could in each of her scenes; which really made the show realistic, lustful and erotic.

She also expresses that porn shoots are completely different. As they interrupt you many times, that stops you naturally from being horny on the set. So she used to finally go home to blow off the steam after the shoot with her partner.

In her time there were already two pornstars who were ruling the porn in Italy. “Cicciolina and Moana Pozzi emerged easily as there was no competition”, she says. But to remain in the industry and since it was high paying job new pornstar was born every day. It was crucial to build your image and choose the right proposals to maintain your character with fans.

Luana Borgia has been one of her kind seductress on scenes. Each and every scene of her is an act of lust. She delivered a perfect erotic experience to her viewers. She has appeared in over 60 movies in the years 1990 – 2010. In the year 2000, she declared her retirement in porn. Apart from her sporadic returns, she was working for a chat line in an erotic television show. She use to appear as a special guest in many shows after her retirement in porn. Between the years 2003 – 2004, she released a music CD entitled “Save your love” which was distributed by herself. Thanks to Mario Salieri Productions to bring Luana back in 2009 after 7 years of break in the porn and made four films such as Wellness perversion, Total Domination, Extreme Sadism, and Mistress of the Game.

As the history goes of Italy having Parlement members working in porn, in 2011 Luana presented her candidacy for the mayor, she was defeated by 207 votes by Amanda Fox. I wish if she would have won the elections, it would have hit the record high of her pervert fans watching her vintage porn participation.

From the Fan’s mouth, I would say, Luana was on the verge of becoming the #1 porn actress in Italy however her retirement in the porn pulled her back from becoming one at the top of the ladder. In 1994 she won the “Impulse d’Or” award as the best European hardcore actress. In the non-digital era of the ’90s, I would say that was pretty mind-boggling for a newcomer.

She earned fame as “Dutchess of the hard” back then. Luana Borgia was an elegant pornstar from a history of Italian porn. Even today 50-year-old cougar is still in business and blowing men’s cocks off. She is the one amongst the #LegendsOfPorn who have appeared in 100s of hardcore scenes, an uncounted number of stage sex shows, and have won Oscars of Porn but left unrecognized by the world.

Dutchess of the hard

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