Resilient beauty of Julia Ann

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Resilient beauty of Julia Ann

If there is a woman in the world, who was made by the god himself. I wouldn’t hesitate to claim that Julia Ann is amongst one of the beauties who are blessed by divinity.

She is the woman from every man’s fantasy. The one who craves his wife, girlfriend or partner to be like her. She is the wine every man wants to taste but only the luckiest by destiny have gotten a piece of her.

This Goddess has her own intimacy rules and she depicts them by wearing off her clothes. Her nudity is bliss to the eyes and so no man would be bored to watch Julia naked every day for the rest of his life.

She started modelling at the age of 18, soon she was popular in touring strip club feature act Blondage, with Janine Lindemulder in the early ’90s. Her admiring assets is nonetheless a hard work of becoming a mud wrestler in Hollywood before. Her success led to her issue of the Carnal Comics comic title when she started receiving offers to join the adult film industry.

Unlike the Glamour city girls, Julia grew up around the animals and grew a love for horses. She’s taken piano lessons and learned to swim “like a fish” at a young age.

Her debut in adult films was in 1993 at the age of 23 she exposed her beauty to the world in Andrew Blake’s movie name “Hidden Obsessions” in a lesbian sex scene with Lindemulder. She won the award in 1994 – Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Hidden Obsessions) in the AVN Awards show. She caught fame like a wildfire and remained under the contract with Wicked Pictures until 2006.

Julia has performed frequently in adult films with Vivid Entertainment (1994 – 2000), Wicked Pictures (2001 – 2007). Afterwards, she has worked almost with all major studios to date. Julia has also appeared in Documentaries and TV Shows in Main Stream media.

Watching today’s most famed MILF in early ’90s movies gives charm to viewers’ eyes. Her desirable feminine body would cripple anyone’s patience and sobriety.

She is 12 times winner of AVN awards from 1994 till 2021, 5 times winner of XRCO awards from 1994 to 2017, 1-time winner of XBIZ awards in 2014 and 2 times winner of NightMoves awards from 2013 to 2015.

Since the early ‘90s, Julia has been giving performances that are hard to forget. The movies that I liked from her early days are listed below.

  • Hidden Obsessions (1993)
  • Diary of Casanova (1993)
  • Les Femmes Erotiques (1993)
  • Elements of Desire (1994)
  • Drive in Dreams (1995)
  • Taboo 13 (1994)

In a nutshell, Julia Ann is amongst the #LegendsOfPorn who has been a part of the adult film industry for almost entire her adult life. Even today, her performances are applaudable. Also, she is one of those stars who have enjoyed sex from her roots within. I couldn’t count the number of scenes she has appeared on the camera and that makes me certain about whoever has been with her once; would have desired to be with her again & again.

Julia makes her acting partner vulnerable with her expressions and so does her fans can lead to sudden ejaculation. Her feminine body gives never-ending pleasure to the eyes. Her voice, accent drives her fans crazy. Her smile is the most beautiful curve I have seen on her. This Queen of Goddesses can make the Kings of the world bow down to her with just a smile.

Julia Ann is a naturally blessed feminine Goddess. She is resilient to the laws of nature. Julia Ann will always remain the Legend that cannot be forgotten or left undesired by her fans.

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