The sultry wife of The Legendary Rocco Siffredi, Rosa Caracciolo

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It may sound very dramatic reading the title, but it is the truth of Rosa Caracciolo. Socially recognised as Rózsa Tassi born on June 29, 1972, exactly after 7 years after the Rocco (The Italian Stallion) in Budapest and married to Rocco in 1993.

According to the public records, Rosa modelled and competed in beauty pageants in her homeland before coming to Italy. In 1990 she won the award of Miss Hungary.


This bold and beautiful brunette of vicious nature got into the circle of larger-than-life Rocco through casting acts and liberal-minded groups. Based on the present reality we can imagine what Rocco must have felt when he found the girl of his dreams.

There is no wonder the charming porno man offered Rosa to perform on camera. We believe they were dating each other already, though the woman agreed to accept the invitation by Rocco on the condition that she will only perform with him and only him. We believe this was the boldest decision that Rosa took in her life. This decision was the turning point of her life.

Rosa performed in a total of 18 movies in her porn career between 1993 to 1998, in which she has played Non Sexual roles in approximately 6 movies.

First Appearance

Rosa Caracciolo’s first appearance in porn is recorded in the year 1993 in the Non-Featured movie named “Anal Delinquent 1”.

This scene won’t amaze you as it clearly depicts the lustful intentions of Rocco getting fulfilled. There is no storyline, but you could enjoy the chemistry between them. Rosa’s expressions appear to be natural, and she has not been shy in her debut. Because it is really something to get on a stage with the man who is crazy about fucking women with his hammer. Many things would have affected her while performing for the first time with Rocco, in fact, Rosa’s first appearance is a candy to the eye. Her young flesh and freshness of beauty can make you drip lust through your manhood.

Craziest Performance

We would rate the scene of the couple craziest from the movie “The Bodyguard” originally known as “Guardaspalle” is released in 1994. The scene has a passionate poolside encounter between the two. And without Rosa Caracciolo, we don’t think this scene would have been justified by any other model.

Rocco is very well known for giving desirable, lustful sex scenes even at the climax. Especially, when he is fucking his real-life wife for porn like a wild desperate man & she too is being submissive to his lust enjoying every bit of his cock until he showers cum on her beautiful face and then endlessly kisses her cumful of mouth something to watch for.

The Fame & Recognition

Rosa Caracciolo gained her super fame from the movie “Tarzan X – The Shame of Jane” released in 1994. The plot of the film is nothing but the adventure of Tarzan & Jane turned into Porn Parody. Where a City girl Jane “Rosa” gets lost in the deep forest. Rescued by the only man in the jungle Tarzan “Rocco” unaware of the female version of the human species.

Director has literally crafted this scene and both performers (in real life husband & wife) have acted naturally to give justice to their characters. Surprised & amazed by the female body Tarzan continue to touch & explore Janes’s private parts where she is exposed to manhood of the Tarzan. Rest is known to you all, bang ! Bang ! But of course, the scene is sensual & has been successful all over the world.

Further, there is plenty of sex in this movie, and a lot of beautiful performers have given their best with Rocco.

The Verdict

Rosa Caracciolo has set the bar for herself in every performance she gave in her time. Rosa retired from porn for her marriage but never pulled her husband Rocco Siffredi from it. After giving birth to two sons of Rocco, she focused on her family and supported Rocco in every sense.

To support the family when Rocco retired from porn for the first time in 2004, she supported him to get away from the sex addiction. Though, his return in the industry back in 2009 was indirectly encouraged by Rosa. In Rocco’s life documentary she clearly stated, “That she never asked Rocco to stop doing what he does best just because she is married to him. “

She made an indirect bold statement to the world by giving bold sex scenes, that she wouldn’t hold herself back in what her husband does and she contributed equally to his growth in the industry. Even after performing in the porn industry, she remained obedient to herself by only performing with her husband. And this is what makes her Legendary even though she has performed in a handful of movies only with Rocco.

The couple is still together with their sons grown old. They live as a family with no regrets. In our final words we would say, Rosa loved the sex, lived the sex, and yet being so sultry maintained her dignity like a non-performing adult star, giving the best of the memories to her fans in time.

Siffredi Family

Recommended movies

These are some movies you must watch if you would like Rosa Caracciolo of the old times with her husband on the camera.

The Bodyguard

This incredible anal sexual epic filmed on location in Italy, Cannes, and the Riviera features a stunning cast of Europe’s most beautiful and wildly erotic ladies headed by the gorgeous Rosa Caracciolo, who stars as the decadent damsel in distress who, stalked by a killer, hires Rocco Siffredi to watch over her precious body – and does he ever! The action is nonstop as Rocco with gun in hand does what he does better than anybody. From a wild DP on a yacht at sea to the steps of the Grand Palais in Cannes to the infamous French sexual underground, The Bodyguard will blow you away!

The Marquis De Sade – Sexual Deviant

Marquis of Sade, an unusual man, who brought the most extreme sexual play to human kind. In his memories of his wild days will sure give you many different new ideas to enjoy your most forbidden sexual fantasy. An ultimate perversion in history shot on film. Inclusively with erotic, fetish, orgy, especially kinky sex, all combined in the most unimaginable scenes shown right in front of you. Don’t miss the ultimate holes-opening, hose-bursting film ever shot. It will take you to Real Ecstasy!

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