Italian beauty queen, celebrity, singer and the former pornographic actress, Eva Henger

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Many actresses retired from porn, and only a few were able to carry the glamour with their other talents after ending the career in pornography. Among such personalities, Eva Henger is one name that refused to go behind the curtain after ending her roles in porn movies. She focused on her other talents and pursued a career in music. She is born on 2nd November 1972 in the city of Győr.

While growing up she couldn’t keep her beauty away from people, and her ambitions led her to participate in beauty pageant contests. She won Miss Teen Hungary, in 1989, followed by Miss Alpeadria in 1990.

Eva Henger Phantom (2004) Ganngbang
Eva Henger from Phantom (2004)
Strange figures caught Eva

Her success led her to move to Italy where she met Riccardo Schicchi. Who happens to be the producer of pornographic films. They fell in love and then got married in 1994. She’s got two beautiful children from her marriage.

However, no one knows why this beautiful couple was separated and stayed away from each other without being divorced. Nonetheless, the couple was living an open marriage because with Riccardo; Eva was shooting porn films.

Movie (A Letto Con Eva Esordienti In Azione) Eva Henger in a Fan Fuck show – Video shooting done by Riccardo Schicchi (Her Husband)

I can’t simply deny that she gained popularity because of her appearances in pornographic films. Because of her voluptuous figure, she caught the eyes of the many. Extending her appearance in striptease shows in nightclubs, she added extra fame to her name.

Her debut film “Mistero del Convento” which was released in 1993 by Mario Salieri Group is a must-watch. Her lesbian performance in her debut scene indicates her bold attitude.

It is easy for me to admit that throughout her career of 8-9 years in the porn movies she only appears in a handful of titles. In fact, I believe appearing in simply choosy adult films she gained more fame. Eva has performed more than well in every act. The viewer cannot determine whether she is acting or really enjoying the action on the camera, only Eva can answer that. But I don’t hesitate to admit that her performance contains a lustful experience for a viewer. Her group scenes are worth keeping in the collection.

Well, if you’re a classic porn lover & get a boner with classy ladies Eva Henger pornography is for you. Now Eva is living a good social life with her daughters but still when she gives away her seductive pictures, getting a natural boner is inevitable. Eva is beautiful & she will always remain so. Her participation in the adult industry has given her fans a chance to praise this Goddess with their love and those who want to see a walking Goddess on earth must watch Eva’s films from the past.

Recommended movies


A famous female opera singer comes to Venice to sing “La Traviata.” The venue is a theatre in which twenty years earlier a handsome violinist was killed in a fire. When she saw his photograph, the singer begins to have intensely erotic dreams about him. As she satisfies her burning sexual desires with many men she is followed by a mysterious masked figure. After many exciting encounters, the singer finally gets to experience the ghostly caresses of the Phantom!

A Letto Con Eva Esordienti In Azione

Ever wonder if your favorite pornstar gets fan mail? They get a ton! Take a look at one Italian starlet’s special treat to some of her most loyal fans. They don’t just get to meet this ultra hottie but she sucks them off on camera and then fucks them too! A dream cum true!

Demons Of Lust

Eva arouses men’s fantasies, provoking them in all her perverted ways. It’s a one-way ticket to HELL! World reknown director Joe D’Amato threads a story of passion and lust with an ultra-big budget that culminates in beautiful EVA’s very first DP!


Time Is It’s Own Aphrodisiac! What would you do if you could travel through time? What experiences could you find in the flapper era? What horrors await you during the Inquisition? What wonders await you in the past? Now ask yourself what if you were a woman with an insatiable hunger for sex! The possibilities are timeless! Here is an unforgettable adult film with the scale and passion of any big Hollywood feature. The major difference is the explicit passion with torrid anal, frothing facials and deep sweaty sexy so burning, it will thrill the most jaded viewer.

Experiences 2

A world of unquenchable passion is spread before us as beautiful EVA travels further through time to experience the ultimate in pleasures. Her sexual appetite longs for the romance of ancient France. Her wild side longs for the unabashed sins of the mid 30’s. Her needs are finally satisfied as she realizes that time itself is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Director Joe D’Amato surrounds himself with magnificent locations, thrilling visuals and lavish sets. He incorporates the world’s most masculine of men who do everything from sweltering anal to full facial sex. Here is the most lavish motion picture he’s ever done!

Seven Sexy Sins

Sin is the key word here. Eva Henger and all her sexy disciples pave a path of lust and greed! Joe D’Amato brings us head long into a world of lust and passion. With production value worthy of any major motion picture, this feature is filled with torrid anal, D.P.’s and frothing oral. Girls who will stop at nothing to have their way, whether it’s the use of her lips, or her pussy – she wins!

Eva Piu Che Mai

Eva is mischievous and has a way of doing so that is so daring and captivating that she manages to win over the heart and desire of every man she comes across. No man is able to withstand her carnal desires! No as she is able to be so passionate in love: Eva is meant to be enjoyed in all her scorching sensuality, and she has done so shamelessly and is so sexually generous that she is literally has a sexual hold on these men that they can’t deny!

Eva Per Tutti!

Many may think that women as beautiful as Eva Henger are unapproachable, but she absolutely loves reading mail from fans that profess their desire to make love to her. In Eva Per Tutti, the sexy starlet proves her appreciation by giving the opportunity to few lucky fans to make love to their favorite adult film star!

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