Her name is her destiny, she is a desire and gem of personality, Angel Dark

2011 AVN Winner: Female Foreign Performer of the Year, 2020 Inducted: Hall of Fame (Video Branch), 2011 XRCO Best Cumback

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Angel Dark

Between vineyards and mountains, the old town of Bratislava gave us the Angel in 1981 on April 18; no one knew when she would grow up she would be the glamour girl of the orthodox small town. We feel sometimes its the universe that connects the dots for the people who are blessed. 

When we asked Angel Dark about her stage name, she politely responded stating she doesn’t have any say in it and her agent gave her name. There have been many rumors about her name, but now we know the fact. We must say, Angel Dark is a divine name and the irony is that the personality named Angel Dark was born in a history-rich place. 

Well, when we watched the movies of Angel Dark, there is no wonder that her stage name is what describes her best. She is an Angel in various ways. She is kind, she is beautiful, she loves people & she respects them. 

Angel Dark is known for her angelic beauty & anal scenes from her time. She was named Anal Queen by the adult industry as a reward. The story behind Angel’s sexuality is as interesting as it sounds. 

So let’s begin getting into knowing Angel Dark, the woman lost her virginity at 18 however she says, “She never really understood her sexuality until she was turned 20 years old.” It was the same year of her life when she got into the porn industry. 

First Appearance 

Many of us think that Angel’s debut scene is Pierre Woodman’s Sex Scene from the movie “Castings X 48: Angel Dark – She will take you to heaven” however, she tells us she has shot a few solo scenes before the first boy/girl appearance. 

The story of Angel’s getting into porn is as interesting as she is. She tells us, while she was working in a hotel in the year 2002. She was approached by a beautiful woman. This stranger compliments Angel’s beauty and asks whether she is interested in modeling, and tells Angel, she could earn extra cash by performing in lingerie photo shoots. Angel takes time to think about her proposal and decides to contact this stranger through the number on the card she left with Angel at her first meeting. Angel was taken to meet Pierre Woodman and there she realized this is what it is porn. Mr. Woodman was good at convincing Angel to perform in adult movies and rest is history.

On the other hand, Angel endorse this strange woman who approached her and took on the doors of Woodman. Her admirer was Slovakian chick and could speak in the local language that Angel used to speak. These were the days when Angel wasn’t good at English communication. So her admirer played a major role in translating the Enligh for Angel and so vice versa. She smiles while telling us that, in her life her first boy/girl scene with Woodman was Anal and it was also the first Anal sex of her life. 

We must say, Angel was brave to dive into anal sex on her first boy/girl scene. Because she is an exhibitionist by nature, we feel it was not difficult for her to get naked in front of the camera with the rage inside her to express her nude beauty. Though she expresses that when she was getting naked in a changing room for a scene and when watched herself in the mirror, she was afraid, and anxious about going forward. Then she pulled her through and she got into the action where she went with the flow and the rest is all known to us. 

Angel Dark’s first Anal scene with Woodman and first boy/girl performance on camera

Justin Slayer, Manuel, and Greg Cenauro are the male performers with whom Angel Dark loved performing sex scenes. She says, her scenes with these actors have always been strong & natural. After all, we know when you lust, for someone, then why not even if it’s work you would go the extra mile and give your best? There is a saying, “he won’t stop until she is shaken”. If you watch her performances with these actors you would understand the heat, sensuality & sexual chemistry between them.

She says, among actresses Jane Darling (another legend we must say) was only the good friend, and the sexiest girl she met on this planet. Angel Dark and Jane Darling are seen in many movies together in different scenes. Also, there are more than 20 movies where Angel Dark has acted in the same scene as Jane Darling. We will recommend you to watch her scenes from the movie Obsessed released in 2006 by Black Magic Media, a hot & steamy lesbian scene of Angel & Jane as well as a scene from Private Movies 34: Basic Sexual Instinct released in 2007 which is a parody of Classic movie Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone. In the porn parody, Jane Darling is leading the character of Sharon Stone. The last scene between Angel Dark, Jane Darling & George Uhl is quite hot to watch till the end. 

Private Movies 34: Basic Sexual Instinct released in 2007
Private Movies 34: Basic Sexual Instinct released in 2007

Best Performance 

When asked to Angel which is her best scene and performance to her heart in her entire career, she proudly tells us about the stories of Private media. She has appeared in many movies including Private however, the one shot in Ibza is close to her because. She remembers the moments stored in her heart. She says the crew of Private was a good company and they were the best to work with at all times, the locations chosen were great and there was a good vibe while shooting all those lustful movies. 

Orgy movies shot in Ibza with Private

Recognition of Angel Dark

We believe Angel Dark’s didn’t take much time to get recognized, soon after her entry into the porn she was on a break for a while thinking she wouldn’t do it again. Not because she was afraid to have sex on camera but out of the fear of letting her loved ones know about it. But later then she went with the flow and became popular because of divine beauty. 

Her beauty is capable of taking a man’s pants off without a delay and when it comes to Angel her curvy figure, her naturally big breasts, hair, and willingness to do anything and everything with her ass just took her fame off the charts. 

Angel has worked in over 400 movies so far. Since her 2002 debut, she has appeared in many magazines as well. She majorly worked with Hustler videos in the beginning, but later she was signed by most famous porn creators like Private, Marc Dorcel, Evil Angel & not to miss Mario Salieri, etc.

The Verdict 

Angel Dark is a gem of a person and still an active performer. Nowadays she prefers to do Girl/Girl or Solo acts for her fans on social media. She always goes with the flow, and she is proud to be a sexual person. She expressed in interviews that she never had any type of her partner and she could perform with anybody without hesitation. 

Angel Dark loved Anal Sex and she is proud to be known for that in her time. Her favorite position is Doggy Style for obviously enjoying the deeper penetration and she loves to take cum in her mouth, in her vagina, or anywhere on the body. She just expresses not to hit the eyes with your shotgun, so whoever she gives chance to get lucky must aim properly. Her second choice is the missionary position because you can kiss while giving a hard pounding, and I think we all agree that’s what passionate sex is. 

Angel had picked up her fan randomly in the past. But she had also done sex in her private life with the guys who grew up watching her porn. She loves passionate sex. No wonder her performances are game-changers. 

In her private life, she is a homely person and prefers to stay at home. She does yoga regularly. Just like Angel’s would say if descended from heaven, she feels the world has become cruel these days. She prefers to be with good people, who carry positive energy and who are nice to each other. She’s got 4 American Bullies, and they are family to her. 

Angel openly expresses that she doesn’t like modern porn because there is no money production anymore. But she liked the fact that these days the performer has more control & has options to choose the scene. Her scenes these days carry more passion because she gets to decide whom she wants to work with and how she wants to fuck. 

In our final words, we would like to thank you Angel Dark for sparing her valuable time with us and giving us the opportunity to learn about the real person behind the camera. We are stunned by the story of Angel because the girl from a small town who hardly had exposure to the adult film does her debut scene going anal with a smile. With fear in her heart, she kept performing for her herself & to support her family. She kept her work hidden from her parents until they found out when she appeared full page on a magazine cover. Her sister was the only support and who knew, the work that Angel was into. Her efforts didn’t go to waste, after exposing her truth to her family she got nothing less than respect and their support for her to continue because of this we all have been able to see our beloved Angel Dark on the screen performing the best she could. 

We wish all the best to Angel for her future, and we must tell you that her performances will never be forgotten and will always compete with porn today. 

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